Day 227: Roatan (Bay Islands) – Honduras – Jan 30th

When we got to the dive shop at our usual time, we rolled in just in time to see a van dropping off a dozen or so tourists with all their scuba gear, looking ready to go. We were like “Uh ohhhh”.

Roatan is a stopover for a lot of cruise liners, and that’s cool and all but what that really means for us is that the streets suddenly get REALLY crowded, and the locals try to sell you on anything and everything they can. It’s sort of strange to see that kind of transformation from quiet, comfy beach town to crowded, touristy beach town in a split second. The place doesn’t change, only the people.

So we took the time off knowing we won’t be able to dive and headed to West BAY, which apparently has really nice beaches and great for snorkeling. And boy, were they right! We had to walk 40min to avoid paying a $3USD water taxi ride, and we sort of regretted it haha. The walk was over mossy rocks with gross seaweed all over, and garbage here and there… just gross.

As we got closer to the West Bay, we saw a ray chilling in about 3ft of water, and some big crabs running into the ocean, while some really small ones were trying to camouflage themselves once they knew we were there. Really neat! Once we got there, the beach was long, white silky sand with crystal blue waters. It was awesome!

We ended up doing one dive today, and part of the curriculum is to plan and execute the dive to certain depths. It was easy to just follow your instructor and just constantly look around, but when you have to keep checking your dive computer and depth, then make sure the time is alright, it got a bit more stressful. Still not used to this! And the scary part is we can already dive on our own!

Bummer: Alan wanted to get a tan, so all day he had his shirt off walking in the sun. Well, what happens when you don’t put on sun tan lotion in a sunny Caribbean day is that you get sun burn. By night time, it was NOT FUN!!



sunset @ Roatan

sunset @ Roatan

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