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Day 56: Aba (阿坝) – August 12

We popped open our tent door at 6am, the moon is still high up in the sky and the clouds are pinkish from the sunrise – it was very beautiful. But we were still tired, so we just went back into our cozy sleeping bag! At around 8am, we were waken up by the yelling outside of two little nomad boys that live in the mountains with their families.

Boys: “Hello.”
Us: “Good morning.” (not in a pleasant mood being waken up by yelling outside).
Boys: “Trekking pole, can you give?”
Us: “Uhhh, no. If we gave them to you what would we use?”
*boys walk away* Continue reading

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Day 55: Camping (年保玉则) – August 11

We slept in later knowing that there’d be a long walk ahead. The town we stayed in really has nothing going for it except for a rather famous mountain called 年保玉则. It is a sacred mountain in Tibetan culture, and it is also a great place for backpackers to take a 3-4 day trip through the mountains. Its lowest point is 4000m above sea level, high enough to cause most people altitude sickness! Continue reading

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