Day 296: Mendoza – Argentina – April 9th

For those unfamiliar with Argentina, it is quite a large wine producing country. Back home, it was our favorite go-to wines for its great value and tasty malbecs. The wines we love come from the Mendoza region, which is where we are now! Mendoza is the capital of the synonymous province. It also serves as a base for any ascents up Aconcagua, the highest peak in all of South America! Wine country, beautiful golf resorts, and climbing, what else can you want?

The city itself was rather uninteresting, but maybe because our expectations were rather high. It felt like any other medium-sized city with lots of traffic, and quite a bit of people! We checked-in to our hostel, and pretty much spent all afternoon there after buying some groceries to cook. In the hostel, we met a few other travelers, but the nicest ones was a gay Columbian couple we shared our dorm with. They were very friendly, and were the only people there that showed any interest in talking with us.

Relaxed for the most part, and after dinner Alan was itching for some ice cream….and during our short walk outside we noticed a sign saying Tues & Weds, there was a sale for 1kg of ice cream at only 33P, which was about $4USD!!!! We haven’t seen this chain much, but how can you refuse such an awesome deal. We got to the store, which doesn’t close til 11pm (another strange luxury we don’t have back home…)!! We got in, confirmed that the special is still on, and asked for 1kg, 4 flavours of ice cream. After filling the tub to the brim, and weighing in at exactly 1.02kg she turned around, packed it up for us and put on a lid. We calmly said… “Comida aqui” (We’ll eat it here), which was met with a comical smile, and a whatever-you-crazies-want look.

20min later, we sat there realizing that we just finished a kilogram of ice cream. Didn’t know it was possible, but we did it…Argentina, affordable steaks, wines, and ice cream!

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