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Day 73: Train to Lhasa – August 30

Being our last day in Xining, we really didn’t want to waste our last opportunity so we headed out to into the suburbs to visit the Tibetan Medicine Museum, and we were glad that we did!

Tibetan medicine is somewhat similar to Chinese medicine in theory and practice, but what really separates it is the ingredients it uses to cure sickness. Being on the Tibetan plateau, the plants aren’t as readily available so they learned to adopt to the land and used what was around. One extremely strange thing is that, they use a lot of strange things in their medicine. For example, one of their most expensive ingredients is actually a product extracted with extensive use of mercury!?!? Other ingredients used we saw were precious metals, fossilied bones, fur of snow cats, and a lot of strange rocks. You would think you were in a geology museum!!! Continue reading

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