Our Journey – Prologue

The Short Version:



The Long Version:

Both of us are finance professionals working their way up the corporate (and exam) ladder after graduation, contently building up a plethora of creature comforts as we bathed in a life of ‘success’ as defined by social construct. From the outside, we were fortunate enough to have all that modern society had us thinking we should have.

Glamourous home. Check.
Fancy sports car Beetle in Gecko Green. Check.
Worldly travels. Check.

We, for the most part, had it all.

But deep down inside, there is a yearning for more, to see the world in all its candid beauty, unfiltered through the lens of our own dreams and juxtaposed by nothing but the spirit of adventure. And at this point is when we began to think…..maybe there is more to this world than what is dictated to us through the dialogues of others. And here we are, embarking on this journey for our eyes to feast…

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into time.

每个人心里都有一个环游世界的梦想,许多人很遗憾的把梦想揣进了棺材。我们不愿让梦只停留在想的阶段。啥都不多说了,辞掉工作,卖掉房子,背上背包,说走咱就走!2012 — ?? 属于我们的间隔年!



2 thoughts on “Our Journey – Prologue

  1. B

    I know this is really late, but bon voyage! your journey rocks!

  2. I like the attitude…good luck!

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