Day 228: Roatan (Bay Islands) – Honduras – Jan 31th

Deep dive today! The dive site is called Hole in the Wall, which is aptly named as there’s this narrow ‘hole’ in the coral that you just dive down into starting at about 80ft. As we were drifting down in our really cool poses, these massive groupers just seemed to followed us down into the chasm of dark blue. They seem really curious, but we’re just hoping they’re not eyeing us as food as those guys are pretty massive! We got down to 130ft, you really don’t feel any different except for the loss of colour and the same eerie calm as in any part of the ocean.

We DID see a few turtles, lobsters and tiny flounders that sort of float at the bottom of the sands in a strong camouflage. Not sure if it’s the currents changing or the weather, but somehow the reefs just seem dead quiet compared to the lively vibrancy we saw the first time around. Weird?

And for dinner, we couldn’t resist and grabbed ourselves a massive seafood platter big enough for the two of us. Yes, it’s ironic, but it was also delicious. Let’s just say, fresh ingredients make everything taste WAY better!

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