Day 298: Mendoza – Argentina – April 11th

Breakfast was early, as the nice old granny served us coffee and bread. We aren’t sure how to describe what this bread tastes like, but it seems very popular all across the Andes…but they don’t taste very good.

Hopping onto a bus back to Mendoza, we checked into our hostel again. We were uncertain about our day’s plans as we wanted to go to a place called Uspallata, located between Mendoza and Santiago, but transportation seems like an issue. Aconcagua National Park is nearby, but getting there for a hike seems like a bit troublesome. We ditched our plans and bought a bus ticket for next morning to Santiago de Chile, as there wasn’t much interest in both of us to travel around here.

Back at our hostel, we bumped into the gay Columbian couple, sharing our stories of the wine tour with them. Then, we received an email from the couple we met yesterday, asking if we wanted to join them for a wine tour tomorrow as they want to rent a car and book private tours. They speak Spanish, and they’ll be driving, so we thought why not! Turns out, we couldn’t really change our bus ticket without paying an excessive amount, so we ditched the idea, and the best part was they ditched us as well. We headed over to their hostel, and the workers say they left to the wine region with their own car already! We left a note, sent an email saying we can’t join, and never heard from them again. Jerks.

We had a whole afternoon to relax in the nice yard, opened up a bottle of wine and had a nice afternoon chatting with the Columbians. They have a really funny story for why they’re here, as they’re on a forced vacation as their work visa has expired and they’re waiting for a new one. They are both bartenders at a popular Chilean nightclub, making decent money for the weekends while the older guy taught sushi making or for parties. The younger guy sells clothes and stuff online. They were extremely funny, asking to take pictures with us! Turns out, the young guy sells a lot of stuff from China, but has no idea where to get a better source. The best was when he asked if we knew how to buy “fuyongbao”, and we were thinking it might be some sort of medicine….turns out it was medicine alright, but more Viagra than Tylenol….. It was popular in Columbia they say…. Alright.

For the evening, we were going to get the older guy to cook us something, and he happily obliged, but problem was they got a call saying they can get a job in Buenos Aires, and they should get there now! So they booked the next bus out before dinner time, and our dinner party was cancelled. We headed over to Carrefour to buy some more groceries, and with two nice sirloins and some veggies, we came out paying only $1.50USD!! Thanks to some coupons we had shopping before at Carrefour, our steak dinner costed $1.5USD hahaha!

We popped the pricey bottle we bought at Tempus to go with our sirloin, but somehow the wine was totally uninteresting and not very good….. tasted nothing like what we had yesterday! We felt gypped…. but nothing drinking the bottle of wine can’t solve.

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