The Plan

This is our route we have in mind so far. The inverted issue with our travel is that, TIME is our luxury, so we can do so as we please!

2012 Final Plan

  1. Vancouver
  2. Jasper/Banff
  3. San Francisco (4hr lay over)
  4. Shanghai/Nanjing
  5. Xi’an
  6. Gansu province
  7. Sichuan province
  8. Tibet
  9. Nepal – birthday celebration at Everest Base Camp
  10. Guangzhou/Hong Kong – birthday celebration at sea level
  11. Miami – Attend Lam family wedding #3
  12. Orlando
  13. Bahamas – Golf and Diving!
  14. Ecuador
  15. Galapagos Islands – Technically within Ecuador, but too cool to not mention…..
  16. Bolivia
  17. Peru
  18. Chile
  19. Argentina – Mendoza Valley & Ushuaia
  20. Antarctica. Yup.

The above should take us 8-9 months of our time! Well, that means we will still have another 4 (+) months!
Below is a hypothetical list, which would be limited by our own stamina, and the  stamina of our bank accounts….

2013 Strat Plan

And from the most southern continent, there’s only one way to go…. UP
Chile – Back to Santiago!
Easter Island
Tahiti – Dive paradise!!!
New Zealand
*Siberian Express train*
St Petersburg
Norway – Tromso, the few cities within the arctic circle! Yes!! To see the aurora!!!
Countries around the Mediterranean Sea (i.e. Greece, Italy, Turkey etc. etc.)
Middle East
Kenya/Tanzania, to awe the beauty of nature, and see the breath-taking big migration!!

… okay okay I’ll stop the list here!

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  1. Fantastic! Looking forward to following your adventures!!

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