Who We Are

The Guy: Not a stranger to travel, having moved from Hong Kong to Toronto at a very young age, he adores all things of varying shapes and forms (just look at his iTunes catalog), not willing to fit himself into a mold set down by his ancestors of being good at math. Graduating from Thornlea Secondary school, ranking 218th (of 718!) by the Fraser Institute in Ontario, he managed to overcome all odds to become a dyslexic travel-blogger and an actuary (one of these pays the bills).
人生平凡,但求活得快乐。多谢爸爸妈妈&my dearest大废柴。

The Gal: Every story needs a heroine, and life is never dull with her around. Fortunate enough to experience a variety of culture clashes before travelling half-way around the world to university, she’s definitely no slouch when it comes to travelling. Loves all things about nature, with a peculiar obsession about snow-capped mountain peaks. You can find her at the foothills of the Everest Base Camp, dreaming about 贡嘎, Aconcagua, and 烧鸭.

The Little Guys: 

Bacon is the cock-a-poo mix. Un-shedding, and unwavering when it comes to food. He has a disdain for Investment Guarantees (he’s more of a Les Miserablé kind of guy), but loves to taste the fruits of our labor. Cantelope is his favourite!

肥肥 (FeiFei) is the tiny golden blonde shih-tzu, which I think has more of a brown hue to her coat than blonde. She’s more like a cat than a dog, napping on the sofa bed is her favorite past time, next to getting chin scratches.

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  1. tree

    nice! i like how you added the dogs profiles 🙂 looks like a great site so far.. good job you guys!

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