Day 226: Roatan (Bay Islands) – Honduras – Jan 29th

Making a remarkable recovery, Alan is back to health and pretty anxious to get back out. It’s really hard to get sick when you’re traveling, since you feel like crap but you feel even worst because you should be out there doing stuff instead of stuck inside sleeping all day. And everyday, when you walk out and the palm trees open up as you walk out the door and into the warm glow of the ocean waves, it’s even harder!

We did our last dive to complete our Open Water Certificate, and did another to work on our Advanced Open Water Certificate. The exams don’t stop! It’s okay though, these tests for scuba are easy, straight forward and actually fun to do!

The first time, we saw THREE turtles in their natural habitat just chilling around and eating coral. Another was just gently gliding up onto the surface for a breathe of air. It was amazing at how gentle those creatures look, and how well adapted they can be in the water just gliding along so effortlessly…. unlike us who have to carry like 20lbs of gear.

It’s just weird at times how you’re down in the ocean, thinking you’re in the jungle and at any moment a massive predator would come and kill some of these fishes. In reality, it seems like every fish is busy doing ‘their thing’ and not really caring about you. There ARE some curious fish though who like to swim up close to divers and follow us around…and they usually aren’t the pretty ones!

Note: One of our Divemasters at the shop was walking home at 7pm, in the West End (the touristy area), and he got robbed by two guys. They pointed a gun at him, stole his cell phone and whacked him on the back of the head with the pistol!! That’s CRAZY!!!!! The guy was okay and despite bleeding a lot no stitches were needed, and only lost his phone while everything else remained…. Best of a worst situation I guess.

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