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Day 201: Cancun – Mexico – Jan 4th

This is our last day of Cancun, and we really wanted to make the best of it. Taking the public bus into the hotel zone, we were sort of shocked at the massive size the whole area is. From the city centre area (where we were living), to the very end of the beach area is over 20km! We actually had some time to spare, and took a joy-ride on the bus all the way down the end of the bus line. Unfortunately, we were the only people there and the bus driver charged us again for the return trip back!

The views weren’t very interesting on the main road, as the hotels block off any visible bit of the Caribbean Sea. We stopped over at the newly built mall, La Isla, wanting to dine at the Indian restaurant there (just didn’t want something else for a change). Turns out the restaurant opens at 5pm, so we looked around and ended up at the next best thing, Hooters! Situated right next to the dock, it had a sweet view of the lagoon and the wings were decent, as people like to say when they go to Hooters. The mall itself had this strangely “American” feel to it, probably because most developers here are from the US, but there’s a lack of charm about the whole place. The ocean/lagoon views though, are very nice.

Close to the mall was a public playa, or beach, and we spent the rest of the afternoon basking in the warm glow of the sun. The beaches are very nice indeed! Dinner was spent overlooking the lagoon as the sun set in the horizon, casting an orange glow into the skies. And to top it off, we had rice and naan to go with our curries, yay!

Hopping back on the tourist bus and into the town centre, we grabbed our packs and boarded our 8:30pm night bus to our next destination, all sticky and gross with sand scattered across our bodies. And we didn’t mind it one bit.

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