Day 225: Roatan (Bay Islands) – Honduras – Jan 28th

Managing to climb out of the bed, we managed to get our dive instructor (such a nice guy!) to drive us to the local clinic to get checked out. Turns out, the doctor says the allergies and the fever was totally separate, Alan has an infection in his throat that was probably left behind from last week in Antigua! The allergies to the jellyfish was separate!!!!


A few prescriptions, and a needle to the bum (seriously, who still does injections on the bum!?!?) later, Alan was back home getting some rest.

For dinner, we cooked up a pot of Shin ramen we bought back in Antigua!! Hot tropical climate, crappy stove, camping sporks instead of chopsticks, and eating while squatting on the floor (because there’s no table). Good times in Roatan!

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One thought on “Day 225: Roatan (Bay Islands) – Honduras – Jan 28th

  1. Chong Zheng

    Day 225 already?

    Chong Sent from my iPod

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