Day 12: Vernon

Time to say farewell to the Rockies! You were cool….

Some RANDOM lake on the side of Hwy1

Now we took a couple hour drive back into Beautiful British Columbia and into the city of Vernon. Here’s the final leg of our trip out west, and we wrapped it up by doing nothing and staying in the Okanagan Valley, the Niagara of BC (or is Niagara the Okanagan of Ontario?). We got a forest cabin, which compared to our previous stays in HI-Lake Louise and HI-Jasper, made everything look extra luxurious!

We had Pho Fusion, which had surprisingly good pho in a stripmall, and waitresses that were dressed like they were working Earl’s? Strange, but good pho is good pho! There’s not much to “see” in Vernon, but a relaxing stay is definitely good to have!

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8 thoughts on “Day 12: Vernon

  1. Heroko Yihe Zhao

    Forest cabin……..hummm…..
    any photos….
    I am planning a rafting trip on ottawa river and I just told my boss about the dead woman story, he is now scared and reconsidering if he is going. lol

    • NOBODY has ever died in the Ottawa River!!! That was back in 2009, but hopefully that’s still the case. Have to say, Ottawa is much more fun…..

      • Heroko Yihe Zhao

        Yea I went rafting, I will it is more like padeling than rafting… flat, so calm…..

  2. bottle

    time for the update guys! lol

  3. Yiwen

    I just realizes why I never saw your updates…’cause I always go to ur first post “hello world” and thought it will update itself automatically =.= good job with the posts!

  4. Yiwen


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