Getting Mutombo’d

When researching the host site for blogs, I looked into the issue of being blocked, and found that was allowed in most places! It even has a Chinese version of the site, so I’m like “Sweet! I can use it in China.”. Then, once arriving in Shanghai, I fired up my laptop with a bunch of things I wanted to write about, just to find that….. http://www.WordPress.COM is blocked. W T F?
For those of you who don’t know, is the watered-down version of WordPress.ORG. That’s like, letting your 7year old  play with guns but not allowing it to read Harry Potter.

This is what I think of your blocks.

I figured a way out, and got mobile internet! You know that feeling, when your internet is down and you get highly irritated even though once your internet recovers, you don’t use it anyways? Thats how it was for me…… for 5 days….

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4 thoughts on “Getting Mutombo’d

  1. wanlong


  2. Boon Thye Ho

    so in shanghai now?

  3. Boon Thye Ho

    you should design a page in your block, with a world map, but with a “GPS-Like” point showing exactly where you guys are at… that will be so cool

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