Day 11&12: Jasper

This was a day off, taking a quick stroll around Jasper town and watching the Euro 2012 semi-final against Portgal and Spain at the Jasper Brewing Company. There weren’t many football fans in the area, but the atmosphere was still pretty good, and so were the beers! Jasper is a really neat town, and it’s less commercialized and developed but provides a place for you to keep in touch with nature a lot more compared to Banff.

Afterwards, some of us rented bikes and rode into Patricia & Pyramid Lake while others were recuperating from the excessive alcohol consumption. I hear the bike ride was pretty fun and scenic! =P

Taking a late evening drive into Maligne Lake, we saw bears, moose, herds of caribou and deer beside the road… These animals are all great actors, they do not mind the attention nor camera flashes one bit! Another bit is, I will really miss how the sky is still bright at 10:30pm!! You can check those pictures out in my other posts. Oh… and the lakes were pretty nice too =)

Medicine Lake

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2 thoughts on “Day 11&12: Jasper

  1. martha

    I just caught up on your posts since you left, and OMG, everything is so gorgeous! Forget Europe & Asia, I’m ready to explore Canada now! Good job on being so on the ball with your posts.

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