Day 10: Lake Louise + Columbia Icefields

The day started at 4:10am, as we wanted to reach Lake Louise to catch the infamous sunrise. Weather hasn’t been with us, as we’ve stayed two days in Moraine Lake waiting for sunset, but the clouds just won’t give way! It was a frosty 5C, and it was already bright out by 4:30am. Sunrise is expected at 5:39am, but we thought we’d be early than later! Soo…. we waited for about an hour waiting for the sun to rise.

On a side note: Moraine Lake, located in the same park as Lake Louise, actually has a nicer view! The water is pristine, and it is surrounded by mountains on three sides!

I had high expectations, as my father told me it was an incredible sight of golden light beaming across the entire lake. So at 5:35am, the golden rays did shine through to the top of the mountains, but we for whatever reason that was about all we saw that day! Too bad!

Then from Lake Louise we took a necessary nap before driving our way north to Jasper, AB. Driving along Icefields Parkway, and stopping over at the Columbia Icefields (NOT the Columbia Icefields at the corner of Columbia and Ring Road!). Looking over Mount Athabasca and stepping onto the icefield, it really drives in a ridiculous sense of awe of how amazing nature can be. Our tour guide, the “Canadian Brad Pitt” as he called himself, was awesome!!! Amongst his stories, we learned about how there was a 0.77% survival rate if you accidentally walk off the glacier and into a crevass….!! Thats one crazy survival rate….
We also took a couple sips of touristy glacier water =D
We did many many more stops along the way because of “bear-jam”, a traffic jam caused by bears or wildlife! Seriously, it was better than going to the zoo! We also stopped by Peyto Lake, looking at its aquamarine colours with glacier backdrops…. crazy!!

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2 thoughts on “Day 10: Lake Louise + Columbia Icefields

  1. BEAUTIFUL pics guys! Just so you know I am travelling too, vicariously through you guys lol.

  2. Yiwen

    Niiice photos! I think you did lose weight! Post more photos of yourself please!!!

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