Day 214: Antigua – Guatemala – Jan 17th

We’re picking up our stuff in class, and if people speak without any slang and slowly, we can pickup about 40% of what they want to say, which is pretty awesome considering we’ve only been here a week!

And everyday, between 2-4pm the school also hosts an assorted array of activities, and today was a visit to the chocolate museum!! Guatemala, and especially Antigua, is a haven for chocolate and coffee lovers, as the country produces a lot of both, and savvy business people are marketing them very well.

The chocolate museum, was definitely a front for the chocolate factory, but they did a darn good job at making it all very fun and delicious! The ‘learning’ part of the museum trip took a little less than 20minutes, as you walk through a single room with facts and information about chocolate and it’s history, as well as several artifacts showing ‘ancient’ ways of extracting cocoa from the beans. All this learning was done as you are sipping on a bit of chocolate tea brewed in house. Yes, chocolate tea!!! And it just so happens you can also buy some as souvenirs too in the shop, those sly bastards =P

We took the chance and signed up for a “make your own hot chocolate” session, which was great fun and wonderfully delicious! Just like how the Mayans used drink chocolate, they added chilies to spice things up!

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