Day 213: Antigua – Guatemala – Jan 16th

It’s been a LONG time, but today was a field trip day!! Every Wed/Fri is ‘practical’ studies, and you get to wander the streets of Antigua visiting different places to listen and speak Spanish. Alan was pretty psyched about not having to go to class!!!

We visited a Mayan museum and a coffee museum. We learned quite a bit despite the small stature of the Mayan museum, but because there was a guide and our Espanyol was so great, we heard most of what we needed to hear. Having a guide makes visiting museums so much better!! The coffee museum was pretty cool as it was actually a functioning coffee producer, so while it was more like a front for it to sell more coffee, it was very enjoyable and you did learn a lot about producing coffee!

One thing to note, after speaking with our home stay, it seems like things took a much better turn as our breakfast was an omelet!! Lunch was even better, with an actual chunk of meat!! We almost cried!! No jokes man, it’s never happened where for an extended period of time we were constantly feeling hungry!! Dinner though was a ginormous upset, with nothing but a bowl of rice soup with some spinach inside, and a drizzle of cream. AAHHH!!

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