Christmas: Bus All Day – Mexico

It’s Christmas! All the good things that we’ve been accustomed about Christmas such as: sipping toffee/chocolatey hot drinks while it’s gently snowing out, eating massive amounts of food at family dinners, and the gifts! Well, when you’re traveling, you really don’t have any of that! And the biggest problem is, everything is closed for the holidays….

So making the best of our day, we made it a transportation day. Meaning, we woke up at 5:45am and started our 800km bus tour from Guanjuato → Mexico City → Oaxaca, and finally arrived at our hostel at about 9pm.

Remember a few days back we were so psyched about taking buses in Mexico? Well, apparently it is only for that one specific company, Primera Plus. They only operate in certain regions, and now mostly we’ll have to use another company, ADO. The ride from Mexico City → Oaxaca was similar in distance and time, but the costs were not only higher, the service was substantially worst! The seats weren’t as comfy, they didn’t provide snacks/beverages, and worst of all, the toilets gave off this wretched stench every time someone opened the door!! To top it all off, the bus was constantly wobbling for some reason, making it feel like you’re sitting in a boat, and motion sickness set in for both of us. And they won’t sell us student tickets, so it’s like…. worst off from every which way you look at it! Horrible!

Arriving in Oaxaca and getting to our hostel which is located next to a large park, a free concert was playing funky tunes outside while the hostel itself is great and extremely well run. Off to bed early tonight!

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