Christmas Eve: Guanajuato – Mexico

At 8:14am, an alarm clock goes off and with these old style homes, you can pretty much hear everything that goes on out on the streets and anywhere inside. We went to sleep listening to the faint chants of Christmas carols from afar. Wandering around the house trying to find the stupid alarm with no luck, I gave up and went back to bed for another hour with the world’s most annoying “Beep beep beep beep” on repeat before it stopped itself at around 9ish. The hostel owner also promised to make us breakfast, which was included in our room charge, but he never showed up.

Fine, whatever, so we wake up and freshen up, only to find that…. there’s no cold water!?!? And hence, there’s no water to flush….but somehow the hot water still comes out (albeit lukewarm), so we had to fill the tank ourselves everytime we needed to use the bathroom. Stupid. Anyways, we tried contacting the hostel owner to fix this problem, but more importantly we needed his help booking us a cab for tomorrow morning’s early trip to the bus station. We called but his phone is off!! Okay, what the fuck. Eventually in the afternoon we finally got a hold of him, and he said he’d book our cab….. we really hope he and the cab company makes good on their promise, otherwise we’ll have to wander around the town at 6am in the morning trying to find someone willing to take us to the bus station…..

Anyways, so we had a surprisingly awesome breakfast nearby, and went on a search for buying bus tickets since we already booked our hostel for tomorrow. The language barrier made things difficult, and since it’s the holiday season most places are closed! In the end, we couldn’t get the tickets and we’ll just see if we can get to our destination.

The day was spent wandering the city, but by now we’ve pretty much seen all that needs to be seen. Taking pictures around town, this city is still very photogenic everywhere you look!! And today, we’re experimenting with black&white!! Fun!

By afternoon, we were really tired of wandering around the city so we hunkered down at a Starbucks and watched a movie. I thought I had a Chinese-dubbed copy of “My Name is Zohan”, thinking we’ll past the time with a good laugh before Christmas…but turns out instead I got “My Name is Khan”!!!!! Turns out, the movie was extremely good, and we highly recommend it. It’s much more serious, but it was really good.

Our stay in Guanajuanto ended with a relaxed dinner sitting on the patio of the central square. You can easily spot the Canadians in the square wearing tshirts (us) and the locals who were out in their down parkas. Haha.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

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