Day 141: Pokhara (Nepal) – November 5th

Like one of Newton’s laws, we have lost all inertia and very copacetic just lazing around Pokhara. Compared to Kathmandu, this place just seems to ‘fit’ better with us.

Grabbing a seat at a popular local coffee joint, we ordered a banana chocolate-chip cake, an americano and a cappucino, but was quickly told that was not available as there was no power (so they can’t steam/grind/magic)! Haha, sort of funny how you have all the “western” amenities in Nepal, but lack the most basic infrastructure. While we were ordering though, the power just juiced up and we were back in business with the americano and WiFi!

One of the more ‘interesting’ and definitely most popular activities out in Pokhara is paragliding. Even on the streets, you can watch paragliders constantly jumping out of Sarangkot which oversees the city. We booked ourselves in for tomorrow morning…yaaaa!

For dinner, we headed to the #1 rated restaurant on TripAdvisor called Pokhara Beach Club. Despite being severely out of the way, this place has rave reviews and we wanted to find out why! Walking about 30mins through dirt roads lit only by oncoming traffic, we felt like headed to a different town, and finally arrived. With some old music and funky disco-lights shining around, we were a little weirded out. We found a lounge sofa overlooking the lake and made ourselves comfy. The menu was overly simple, and our Chinese companions were definitely unimpressed with it, but we were alright as their special that day was a wild boar burger! The food was good, but the vibe was probably why people loved it so much? The owners were probably the only people working that day, but they made you feel very cozy.

Walking back, we were all going to bed early to prep ourselves for the big paragliding day tomorrow morning!

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