Day 140: Pokhara (Nepal) – November 4th

Today was a rest day, and it was awweeeessome.

Breakfast at a place with cappuccinos, and real cheese (not yak cheese which tastes funky), Italian salami and actual fruit jam. Lunch was Sichuan-style hotpot. Afternoon was tea and banana walnut muffin. Dinner was a delicious pasta and wild boar spit-roasted right outside the store followed up with lemon meringue pie! Pokhara is a haven for food and rest after 17 days of the same menu and lots of hiking. We actually made an attempt to over-eat hehehe, and it ended in spectacular success!

The tourist area was quite charming, and we can actually see the famous Fewa Lake, a rather unimpressive lake in terms of scenery but we’ve been spoiled by amazing landscapes too much in the Himalayan mountains. There are quite a bit of outdoor-sy activities around Pokhara, but we’ll save that for another day!!

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