Day 40: Lanzhou (兰州) – July 27

 We were picked up in the train station by our extended family and had an authentic bowl of Lanzhou beef noodle soup! In the afternoon, while waiting for our relatives we walked along the Yangtze river, crossing two bridges and did about 8km in less than two hours, but to our chagrin there was nothing much to see in the riverside where we walked.

Lanzhou is a rather big city, one of the central cities in northwest China, and it definitely has that big city feel to it. After a great meal (the restaurant owner sold enough lamb stews to become a real estate developer…..w t f), we were taken to a “slow rock” 慢摇 bar. Don’t let the name fool you, here in Lanzhou, slow rock is probably the equivalent of a downtown club, with bright lights and loooudddd hiphop blasting through the audio. This place was one of the hottest bars in Lanzhou, and it had live performers doing some pretty good party songs, with a guy wearing shades yelling “PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR” and other standard party anthems like… dance versions of Spice Girls, White Stripes, and some really good Chinese party hip hop. The highlight of my evening was the DJ spinning some remixed Skrillex…… ahhhh, nothing beats some wubwubwub dubstep after multiple beers in a foreign city. Oh, and the girls were rather attractive, but definitely not to me and my hiking shorts and Arcteryx tshirt.

People in the northwest are pretty heavy drinkers, with each ‘set’ of beer being 18 bottles. We had 1.5sets….. between 4 people… We were too drunk to watch the Olympic ceremony at 4am! Zzzzz

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