Day 39: Train (Dunhuang to Lanzhou) – July 26

 Waking up at 6am to watch the sunrise over the desert and a nice breakfast with Nescafe, we rode our camels back into town. We headed over to the hostel where we stayed the previous night and walked in to use their showers. Hostels are great, no matter what you do it is never out of the ordinary. So we just spent the afternoon chilling in the lounge area of the hostel. The British chap that we camped with the night before was actually in the same hostel, and we chatted up a bit. He also plays guitar quite well!

We had a 15hr train, which was at 7pm. Originally, we purchased a hard-seat spot as all the sleepers were sold out (Note: Long distance trains are separated into standing, hard seat, hard sleeper, and soft sleeper), but we managed to work some miracles (Thanks!) to get ourselves a soft sleeper spot. This time we came prepared and had dinner AND brought snacks….but forgot to bring water =P

O well, everything was good and we rested up early.

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