Day 1: Vancouver

After cleaning up to the very last minute (and a lot of help from the family), we managed to leave the house we called home and turned that into 2 backpacks.

Tired and excited, we arrive in the beautiful west coast! No wonder people like being out west so much, the whole city just has such an awesome feel to it, from the food, to the undulating roads, everything just feels so cozy and calm. What was really strange was that, we feel like we’re already on our ‘journey’, carrying our packs and gear around, and the whole city feels foreign, the constant sights of Tim Horton’s and Maple Syrup reminds me that, I still haven’t left Canada! Still have 2 more weeks go to….Image.

A quick stop at Granville Island (similar to Toronto’s Distillery District), a stroll through the magnificent Stanley Park, and finishing the day at the original Guu, we’re all looking forward to falling asleep. It may be the 3hrs of sleep, or the time zone differences, but something is definitely ‘right’ with Vancouver.

At Granville, tired and hungry, a jolt of caffeine definitely hit the spot courtesy of JJBean! After J&J Moving company, JJ Petshop, JJ Dry cleaners, there’s a new addition to the JJ empire!!!! Muwahahahaha..

Next stop: Victoria!

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4 thoughts on “Day 1: Vancouver

  1. Drew


    • Drew

      Envy…toward the JJ Empire. Going all over the world to check out all these businesses under the JJ Empire must be a hard job. Keep it up guys!

  2. Cici

    Hey the lovely couple, looking great on the first stop! Don’t forget to post some pictures of you two~~ (e.g. so we can keep track of your skin color~~~). I hope the visa gift card is working well! We will miss you here in Toronto!

  3. Heroko Yihe Zhao

    jjempire! Thats awesome

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