H E L L O, W O R L D ! !

This will be the first of many posts as we begin our trip to see the world!! (And for those CS folks, this post should strike a familiar chord)

Things have been extremely hectic as we scramble to get everything together! Our journey officially begins in 5 days when we fly out from our beautiful home town of Toronto to our west coast neighbours in Vancouver. That being said, this is trip to the west coast is just an amuse bouche for the year long festivities that would follow!

We’ll be updating our travel blog as much as possible, with pictures to share and many stories to tell….
Before we decided to do so, we too were living vicariously through others!

…it is definitely NOW OR NEVER!

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5 thoughts on “H E L L O, W O R L D ! !

  1. Heroko Yihe Zhao

    Have a safe and exciting trip. I love you guys

  2. Christy

    I hate you!!…I love you…I hate you!!…I love you….I’m well proud of you guys!! have fun!! Pictures!!! xxx

    Christy xx

  3. tree

    Can’t wait to see your updates here. Safe travels you two! πŸ™‚

  4. Yiwen

    Update soon! πŸ˜€

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