Day 295: Bus – Argentina – April 8th

Slept in so much that we missed the breakfast at the hostel, it was a no-brainer that we walked 200m and ate McDonald’s! Don’t know about anyone else, but every time we travel it’s always fun to walk into McDonald’s and see what their menu looks like, how the prices compare, and most importantly see if they have any special foods you can’t get! In Czech, we had a “I Love New York” series of burgers, in Buenos Aires there was a McFiesta (too expensive, had some steak instead!).

We sat at McDonald’s, eating a grilled cheese&ham for breakfast with a 1P (or $0.10USD) upgrade to a McCafe cappuccino! And best of all, they had the Wi-Fi! Doing what we usually do when we have time…we looked for places to eat. Steaks are awesome, but we’re spoiled adults and prefer a bit more variety at times. We ended up eating Korean BBQ.

Holy shit. It was really good Korean BBQ. It was “Tenedor Libre”, which literally means free fork, or all you can eat! The meats were awesome, but the best part was the 13 different cold dishes that was served which made it awesome. There was the usual cold veggies, and then some more cold veggies, and then a bowl of cold soup, which was followed by a bowl of hot soup, two pieces of fried fish, a seafood pancake, and grilled red-bean cake for dessert. It was expensive at 100P for lunch, but that night we didn’t even have to eat dinner!

The bus was 8pm, but we were so caught up with uploading our blog we went over time and had to hail a cab to the bus terminal. Blogging is hard work, and we have to make so many sacrifices =). Best part though, is that having taken the taxi 4 times in BA, never have we felt the fare to be consistent, and 3x we were riding to the same spot but the prices were all different! W T F? Same departure spot, same end spot, different prices varying by 30%!

Buses here are split between two levels, with the lower level being the ‘higher class’. We caught the next bus out, and we had the higher class seats on the lower level, but mainly because people on the upper deck were going to shorter destinations than us. Usually we ride in the upper deck, and bus rides are pretty clean, decent movies and comfy. This time, in the lower level with 3 other people in leather recliners, it was all good and dandy except it reeked of urine. The bathroom is in the lower level, but usually it doesn’t smell anywhere on the bus. Something must’ve been leaking or something….it was gross. What better way to connect with fellow travelers than to ask the best ice-breaking question, “Do you smell that?”. Ha ha, turns out this nice couple from Greece+UK were going to Mendoza as well, and we shared some travel tips with them making Bolivia sounding extremely fun!

Falling asleep to the scent of urine was not easy, but we managed to survive.



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