Day 293: Puerto Madryn – Argentina – April 6th

By the time we woke up at 6:30am, everyone (there was only 1 other person!) from the hostel was already out of bed and back watching orcas. We packed up, got ready and were on our way to the same viewing point as yesterday. Recognizing the faces from yesterday, everyone seems to have waken early for a possible round of orca beaching. We did see some orcas, but this time they were out further from the viewpoint, far from an optimal distance. Even with their 600m cannons, they could barely see what’s going on over there….And we had to return our car by 11am, so it’s time to go! We didn’t see whales, but then we’re just too spoiled if we did get to see them.

Back at Puerto Piramides, we needed to fill up the tank at the only gas station of the peninsula. Funny thing is, the gas station was empty and filling up their own tanks from the truck, and we had to wait an hour before they were ready! Ha ha…. so we spent some time at the nice little beach where in about a month, tourists can come dive inside the bay with whales! It’s not quite whale season yet so there isn’t much action.

We got back to our car rental agency, but they were closed for their afternoon siesta. Scrambling around to find a phone, we got a hold of the nice lady, called her back from her siesta and explained to her our gas mishap. We HIGHLY recommend this car rental company, Centauro Car Rentals, as it is owned by one really nice motherly lady who spoke excellent English.

Spent the afternoon resting up at El Gaulicho hostel in Puerto Madryn, which is really well run and comfy. Before we left, we cooked dinner in the well-stocked kitchen, as the #1 rule of bus rides is you never go on an empty stomach And 18hrs later, our bus will be back in Buenos Aires!

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