Day 290: Puerto Madryn – Argentina – April 3rd

Checking into the hostel, this place is totally awesome. Lightning quick wi-fi, well equiped kitchen with TWO stoves, comfy beds and clean bathrooms…and even nice staff! If you need a ‘perfect’ hostel, this one has it all, awesome facilities without trying to sell you too much (or anything?).

Probably because our day was not very interesting as we spent most of it wandering around the town looking for car rentals, except we went in the dead of siesta time and had to go home, take a nap and try again after waking up at 7pm.

The town isn’t as pretty as we’d imagine, but the town built a beautiful boardwalk lining the beach which faces the Atlantic Ocean. The waters are cold, but it’s full of life as kids play soccer, teenagers affectionately dating and full of tourists from a docked cruise boat.

We probably spent more time inside the hostel than out!

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