Day 274: m/v Plancius – Antarctica – Mar 18th

We were sailing all through the night, but it didn’t start to get rough until early in the morning.

Alan went out for breakfast while Jiajia toughed it out in bed feeling dizzy. We didn’t want to take the patches from the doctor anymore, as the side-effects weren’t worth it. Looking back, we’re not sure if that was a good idea or bad.

Lunch was the same, Alan scrawled out of bed for some food, but the dining hall has open windows where you can see the boat pitching and rolling like a bitch, and the smell of food makes it worst.

And in the afternoon, both of us were laying idle, watching movies and the BBC documentary on repeat. We saw “Freshwater” episode about 5x, and “Mountains” about 7x. Worst of all, there was one extra episode that we didn’t watch but they were stuck on the index and someone didn’t press “Play” at the control room, so we were tempted with the index loop waiting for them to press play…. it was like torture!

Sleep, wake up in a daze, sleep, watch a bit of movies, sleep.

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