Day 248: Bus to Puerto Iguazu – Argentina – Feb 20th

We booked a 2:15pm bus out of town and to the border town of Iguazu, about 18hrs away. With a bit of time to spend in the morning, we headed out to the old port area of BA aptly named La Boca, or The Mouth, as it is sitting at the mouth of the BA harbour. It’s famous for two things: a little pedestrian called El Caminito, and home to the world famous soccer club, Boca Juniors. The neighbourhood has a bit of a rough edge about it as it is home to the working/labour class of the city, but that’s part of the charm….just don’t wander off too far from the tourist streets.

The street was colourful, and full of souvenir shops. That, or sidewalk restaurants with tango dancing right in front of you. To be honest, we felt there are more places in BA that has a bit more charm, but for the most part it was well worth our 30min visit. Short, but we that’s all we had because we needed to hop on our bus!

Considering that bus tickets were about $100USD, it was really quite expensive but flights would’ve been about $80 more, so for two people that would’ve added up to quite a bit. Then again, they give you your money’s worth. We took the “cama” or sleeper, which is the 2nd best class next to the executive style where you can lie flat. We were served snacks twice before dinner time, which by the way was actually GOOD TASTING, the airline industry has something to learn. For drinks at dinner, there was coke, sprite, and red/white wine. Cool. One more thing we love though, is that the movies aren’t dubbed, but rather they are in English with Spanish subtitles! It was a long ride, but it was rather enjoyable for the circumstances.

And at around 10pm when they shut off the lights, the attendant came around asking the most ridiculous question we’ve heard on a bus:
Champagne, or whisky?” HA HA HA. Awesome.

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