Day 239: Golindrina Yacht – Galapagos Islands – Feb 11th

The day’s itinerary isn’t as packed as it has been, and we just had a nice walk in the morning and some lazy beach/snorkel time in the afternoon.

Once again, another docking, another landscape. The animals are also slightly different, and we actually saw some rare fur seals (not to be mistaken for sea lions that are as abundant as tourists). They are slightly smaller, with a shorter nose, but their most discernible trait are their larger eyes which are necessary to fish at night and in deeper waters. They’re still just as cute though!

The afternoon we took a quick stroll through Bucanero Bay, which we assume is probably where all the buccaneers or pirates hung out back in the day when the Galapagos wasn’t a nature reserve but rather a place for pirates to hang out, drink rum and slaughter tortoises for meat. The highlight here is the ‘praying rock’.

Beach time was great though, as snorkeling is fun, and the beach had this cool red sand with some really pretty rock formations all around. The normal characters were around, with the addition of some pelicans who were actually dive-fishing about 3m away from us while we were snorkeling!!! It’s really funny, as once the pelican dives in, a bunch of other birds land on its head and try to steal its catch…. haha, jerks, go catch your own fish!

There never is a dull day in the Galapagos, and if you pay attention, everything is different. The differences may be slight, but realizing the fact that the distances are also at a minimal, and you’re still on the same freakin’ island, you appreciate the miraculous forces of nature much much more.

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