Day 230: Quito – Ecuador – Feb 2nd

The reason we’re in San Pedro Sula is because our flight leaves from this city. Our destination is Quito, Ecuador in South America. Our flight has one stop, and that’s in Miami, USA. It’s one strange trip, but this was seriously the best itinerary we could find, and not to mention we can visit Alan’s sister in Miami!

Leaving Honduras at 7am in the morning, we arrived in Miami for some food, errands and a rendezvous with family. At about 9pm (local time), we rolled into Quito’s old Mariscal Sucre Airport, which was purportedly to be replaced by a new airport…but it’s been like 2 years and they still haven’t switched!

Getting a glimpse of Quito on our taxi ride to the hostel, the city was a bit empty but you can still feel a strong sense of modernization. Anyways, we were too tired to care after a days worth of travels….

Leaving Honduras: At the San Pedro Sula airport they had a Dunkin’ Donuts and a massive bank… where you can pay your $38USD exit tax!!! Jerks. We estimated our cash usage exactly and left the country with 10 Lempiras, or about $0.50 cents! And strangely, when you leave the country, they don’t stamp your passport. And the “customs” officer brought her daughter to work, so this 7yr old girl was running around while they looked over your documents. Awesome.

this is where they gyp you

this is where they gyp you

Who came up with the numbers?

Who came up with the numbers?

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