Day 223: Roatan (Bay Islands) – Honduras – Jan 26th

Today was a travel day, and a tiring one at that.

5:15am, we wake up for our 6am bus to San Pedro Sula, then transfer to another bus to La Ceiba. Arrive at 2:30pm and switch into a taxi for the port. Eat lunch at a fried chicken shanty next to port, and say farewell to our friends. Take ferry at 4:30pm, and arrive into the island of Roatan at 5:45pm. Take a taxi to our hotel and finally arrive at our destination at 6:30pm.

Man it was a tiring day and extremely hungry, as there was some significant warnings about sea-sickness for the boat to Roatan. Alan isn’t great with sea-sickness, and thought it would’ve been better off to go on an empty stomach… you know, you can’t throw up what you don’t have. Jiajia feared no ship, and had a plate of freshly fried chicken washed down with a strangely large bottle of 500ml Pepsi. It worked out for both of them, but he was damn hungry by the time. Outside our hotel, there was this fried chicken place (it’s a popular food!) and that’s where we went….and man, we’ve never had chicken THIS good before. Like, even chicken breast was tender, juicy and so flavourful it wasn’t even funny!!!

Tiring day, but the awesome dinner definitely made up for it. Get some rest, and tomorrow we go diving!

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