Day 218: Antigua – Guatemala – Jan 21st

 wanted to make the most out of our last week in Antigua and to do so, we upped our hours of study to 8hrs a day! From 8-12, then after a 2hr lunch break, 2-6pm.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been in a classroom setting, and I can honestly say it was EXTREMELY TIRING. Alan kept looking at his watch waiting for the next recess or until end of class. The material started to get difficult as well, with all these strange verb conjugations and uses.

After class, Alan felt the same as after coming out of an 6hr SOA exam…except dizzier. After a strange dinner with a bowl of soup, purple yams with a sweet orange glaze, it was washed down with some luke-warm chocolate (it wasn’t hot chocolate). Dinner didn’t really sit well, and within a few hours of lying down, Alan was throwing up and coming down with the fever…. 

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