Day 211: Antigua – Guatemala – Jan 14th

Going to class, you realize how much time you have when we used to be in school, and also how easy it is to spend all that time so quickly. Time really flies when you’re studying!

As mentioned, our school organizes activities from Monday to Thursday every week, and the activities change for anyone and everyone. Today, there was a tour to walk up the hills to a viewing point which overlooks the city of Antigua. The walk up was notorious for robberies and muggings, but now the city has implemented tourist police to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore. The city of Antigua feels very safe, but at times you are reminded by the massive assault rifles people are holding that, the country may not be all fun and games.

And other than that, our days are rather mundane. Learning Spanish though, is very difficult for us, especially Alan who has no understanding of grammar at all. It’s amazing that he managed to get by ANY form of education system with so little knowledge of grammar! It doesn’t help that French and Spanish have mucho similarities, and it’s quite hard not to revert back to the French that was drilled into your head (and have mostly forgotten) for almost 10 years.

Our home stay, despite being an extremely lovely house run by an extremely lovely lady, is a bit of an irony. The house is amazing and has Wi-Fi (which most don’t have), but the hot water doesn’t always work! We’ve had to take bucket showers from boiled water using the gas stove…haha old school. Another oddity is that, the lady is an AMAZING cook, but despite she never cooks any protein and we’re always hungry!!!!!! Need to talk to the owner about this!

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