Day 209: Antigua – Guatemala – Jan 12nd

Classes again in the morning, and by the end we can have a conversation with the teacher, albeit a very simple one. The Spanish language and French language is very similar, and at times we had to force ourselves not to actually say the wrong word like “Muy bien” instead of “Tres bien” for very good. We’ll probably extend our lessons from 4hrs daily to 6hrs daily! The school even offers ‘excursions’ from Mon-Thurs, where you can do some more touristy but fun stuff in Antigua, so you’re really never feeling bored.

After class, we headed out to the local market to see what kind of goodies we can get. It just seems like something we like to do…checking out the markets of places we travel to. We got some fresh fruit, obsessed over their fresh flowers, and the STRANGEST thing was that we found this local lady selling some Asian foods like Shin-ramen, bok-choy, wonton wrappers, and even李锦记老抽!!!!! We’re not quite sure who goes and buys her stuff, but we’re just happy because we left with two packages of emergency ramen…haha!

In the afternoon we met up with a few travelers we met back in San Cristobal la Casas in Mexico, who was also here studying Spanish as well. We exchanged travel stories, had an awesome cup of ginger+passion fruit ice-cream and wandered around the town of Antigua.

The streets of Antigua can get rather touristy, but as a place to learn Spanish, it really is great as the prices are extremely fair, interesting people who are all here to share experiences with you, and all these first-world amenities that keeps you comfortable.

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One thought on “Day 209: Antigua – Guatemala – Jan 12nd

  1. ginger passion fruit icescream, sounds yummy.

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