Day 196: Merida – Mexico – Dec 30th

Not quite sure what it was, but somehow the buses in Mexico are great, but the rides are always horrible and you just feel like crap afterwards. The overnight bus was a bit delayed, but this is better for us because we got to town at 8:45am instead of the scheduled 6:30am! Don’t think my B&B owner would be happy with two red-eyed guests knocking on the door that early in the morning.

The streets of Merida instantly feels much different than the previous cities we’ve been to, with much less ‘colonial’ architecture and with many more buildings in ruins, it’s a stark reminder that although Mexico has a vibrant economy, there still are many places where life isn’t as colourful as the shades of pastel painted on throughout the exterior walls.

The rest of the day was spent resting, as during the night bus one of us experienced some signs of food poisoning. May have been the fruit, we’re not sure!! Either way, even the supermarkets in this town are much smaller and less widely stocked. Grabbing some fruits and crackers, we spent the day dozing in and out of consciousness and living of fruits and water.

Aaahhh, the hazards of traveling!

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