Day 185: Mexico City – Mexico – Dec 19th

We got off to a late start as we knew we were in for a long day. We only had one place to visit today, but we’ve been forewarned that this is going to be a long day. Our destination was the Museum of Anthropology, and we spent a good 7hrs there but barely finished touring the whole complex!!!

To get off to a good start, we had the breakfast of Mexican champions: Tacos!! There are food stalls everywhere, but these taco stands stand out for the massive line that forms around it while the rest of the stalls watch idly. Tacos were 5P each, and our breakfast of four tacos costed us about $1.75CAD. Put on some awesome chili sauce, and it’s hard to beat in terms of deliciousness and value!

The museum was in an area including a massive “auditorium”, a zoo and several other public spaces. We are once again marveling at the city planning that’s been done here, along with the interesting row of sculptures lining the middle of the row, flanked by brilliantly red flowers. Lining the fence guarding the parks were massive billboards celebrating the success of the city’s bicycle program? The last place we saw something of this calibre was in Vienna. Just some really, really, really good urban design and planning!

The museum itself was once again impressive in architecture, and well thought out in organizing the ginormous amounts of history this region had to offer. It was cool to learn about all the differences and the emergence of the different cultures that existed during the pre-Hispanic era, which was the era before the Spaniards came and did their magic onto the whole continent. Except for a 45min lunch break at the museum cafe, which by the way, was pretty good for a museum cafe. Learning about the Teotihuacans, the Aztecs, Mayans and the North/Western peoples, it was interesting and impressive. Without going into details, we’ll let you enjoy the pictures instead.

Leaving the museum at 7:05pm, we thought we’d walk to the metro station and find something to eat near the downtown district. At 9:25pm, we arrived back at our hotel with three bag of chips and gave up any notion of dining outside. After a 20min walk to the metro station, we had to let a train pass since it was so full before boarding the next train which was packed, but not unbearable. It was probably rush hour as the train would stop a couple minutes in the tunnels between stations every time, and one downside of the metro is that it has no A/C, so we were feeling a bit toasty after a while. Our destination was a large interchange station only 7 stops away, but it took about an hour just to get there. The best part though, was when we tried to get off at the station, we were literally, rejected and pushed back into the cart by a swarm of locals trying to board the train. We had NO time to react and just got stuck there, literally. We didn’t need to hold on to anything as the train moved past our destination station, as we were jammed so tightly in the cart, we were held up by the rest of the crowd!!

We got off the train and found that we were at a station called “Market” (Mercado in Spanish), and thinking we should make the best out of a bad situation, we left the station into the market. Wow, this was the first place that was a bit unimpressive with garbage piles everywhere, and tiny stalls selling random things. Mostly, the places were closed and we had nothing to look for. We ended up buying a home-made papaya flavoured popsicle which tasted pretty good! So, popsicle in hand, we gave up our dinner plans and headed back to our hotel…

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