Day 183: Mexico City – December 17th

Our trip continues after a month long hiatus!

We took the time off to recover ourselves a bit, running a ton of errands and just taking it easy for the most part. Well, after a 16hr day from door to door, we are finally settled into our budget hotel in Mexico city!

The day didn’t start off well, being stuck in traffic on the way to the airport, then stuck again at the Westjet lineups as their machines broke down, and one more time at the US Customs! By the time we were in line to even get into the customs area, we were only 60minutes away from departure time and tried to talk our way into bypassing the line. And this, being the US customs lineup, our idea got scrapped pretty quickly as we found out, not too far ahead of us is a few people still waiting in line for a flight that should’ve departed 10minutes ago.
The solution: Hold the flight. Wow, what a brilliant idea….

By the time we got to our gate, we were already 30minutes past departure time! We quickly rushed through the gates, thinking we avoided a horrible start to our journey, only to find out that there were 30 others still going through customs and we would have to wait for them. W T F. By the time we had any movement, we were well over 1hr past departure time and the captain still said there were still 12 others waiting to board!! That’s crazy….

Landing in Miami once again made us admire the place a little bit more. Blue skies, ocean views, warm weather and palm trees can do that to you! It sure was a good change from the gloomy grey skies and wet slush that blanketed Toronto. And up next, Mexico!

It was a experience by the time we stepped onto our AeroMexico flight. Very few people speak English, and Mexico is already better than most other countries in terms of that….. so we’re trying furiously to learn as much Espanyol as we can.

Getting out of the airport, we were greeted with warm weather and an extremely organized taxi setup. Pick your company, pay your fare at the booth and take the ticket to the attendant and they’ll call a taxi over for you, helping you with luggage and great attitude at that!!! And because Mexico City is sooooo big, our driver actually had to ask for directions to our hotel. Once we got on the car though, it was like a roller coaster ride. Fast and furious is the best way to put it. And the lanes in Mexico are much smaller too, so we felt like we saw a few close calls but the taxi driver seems to be unphased by all this, even trying to pass people at several on ramps… We made it to the hotel, took a hot shower and slept! 

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