Day 151: Boudha/Flight (Nepal) – November 15th

Our last day in Nepal, and one last day to look around for some souvenirs as this place is filled with awesome things to take home. Bhaktapur craftsmen are great with wood carvings, paper making, and pottery (in addition to yogurt!). The day was nice, but we had to make one last tourist stop before heading our way to the airport for a red-eye flight into Guangzhou. Taking the local bus, we stopped at Boudanath to take a look at the world’s largest stupa! We budgeted our cash very diligently, so we didn’t have much extra spending money. Lucky enough, we found a side-door into the stupa and avoided the hefty 600Rs entrance fee. By the time we got there, it was already dark and we took a few very uninteresting pictures of this massive thing. And just our luck, we somehow managed to find a vegatarian restaurant that served some pretty nifty bistro fare! Spending the rest of our evening there for a nice meal, dessert and a few beers overlooking the stupa was our last experience with Nepal, and it ended up in a high note.

Taking the taxi into the airport, we only had 250Rs left in our pockets, but the ride came to 300Rs! So I had to end up covering the last bit with a $1USD. Ha ha… the driver was sorta confused, but he ended up making 30Rs more. And once again back into the unimpressive international airport of Kathmandu, we left Nepal.

Nepal is definitely a great place to visit for tourists, especially if you love the outdoors! From some amazing treks along the Himalayas, white-water rafting down the Sun Kosi, it also has a long and rich cultural heritage. It’s also great that you can stretch your budget quite a bit here as spending is quite affordable! We’ll probably be back again.

Next time in Nepal: Climbing Mount Everest! (jokes…)

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