Day 102: Lhasa (拉萨) – September 27th

Returning to Lhasa again, we had a few errands to run. Most importantly, we had to pick up our laptop charger! The worst part about not having a connected device is that, you don’t have the option of looking up any useful information while traveling (GPS, phone numbers etc), or to resolve arguments amongst ourselves (i.e. which was the world’s largest empire in history, what is the capital of Switzerland etc).

With charger in hand, we proceeded to get a much needed haircut as it’s been bad-hair-day for well over a week already. Walking into the local streets of Lhasa and finding a barber, Alan got a wash and cut for a whopping $15RMB, or the price of a small fries at McDs back home. And before we said farewell to Lhasa, we sat down for a few more cups of delicious milk tea and took some night shots of the majestic Potala Palace….

Farewell Lhasa…. It’s been nice to see you, but now we won’t have to deal with boatloads of tourists, artistic youth vending Nepalese wares on the street and over-privileged 20-somethings with an early-life crisis. We did meet some great people along the way, but we were just extremely lucky!


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