Day 100

It’s hard to imagine we’ve already been on the road for 100 days, and despite the amount of time traveled we’ve still only been to a small part of a single country. It doesn’t sound like much, but we never really intended to squeeze as many things we possibly can like most tourists with only a limited amount of vacation (like most readers of our blog *wink wink*) =P

There were many things we’ve seen, many people we’ve met, but its rather difficult to boil any of this down into a single element but rather a congruence of experiences that will definitely shape us for the years to come. Growing up in cities, its sometimes hard to understand why our grandparents do what they do (i.e. Use handwashing water to flush toilets, saving newspaper for cleaning up messes, unwilling to dispose of 4-day old food), but we can definitely appreciate a lot (and we mean A LOT) more of what we used to take for granted. It really isn’t about any sustainability or ‘save-the-earth’ mantras, but all of this is done out of necessity, which is a much sadder foundation for conservation. It brings everyone back to a simpler way of life, one that most city dwellers can hardly imagine. A place with no running water, no flushing toilets (if any toilets at all), no electricity, no iPhone to keep you connected…. It’s hard to imagine but what’s even harder to imagine is that most of the world still lives like this!

So for us, we’ll appreciate a lot more the things that we have always taken for granted. It doesn’t mean we would stop using flushing toilets with the lights on, but it just means, we’ll appreciate every little thing much more. And as I type this post in my humble hostel bed, with electricity and dimly glowing lights, there’s a simple sense of enjoyment that’s only possible when you’ve seen things in other parts of the world.

And for this, we are grateful for having taken this opportunity to do so.

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3 thoughts on “Day 100

  1. Kelvin Cheng

    Hey Alan and JJ, got your postcard!
    Thank you! Glad you’re enjoying your time!

    I have realized my dream and joined Cathay Pacific as a cadet pilot!
    I will be heading to Adelaide in November and train for 14 months.
    Come visit if you have time.

    Will you be in HK in early November?

  2. David Liu

    Yooooo, congrats on making to 100th day. you guys were amazing. Continue to have lots of fun.

  3. Jenny Jin

    Well said

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