Today was a very relaxing day, grabbing lunch, buying train tickets to Lhasa, catching up on pictures/blogging.

Dinner was complete with a stroll down the night market, gorging ourselves with street meats, taking pictures of everything with my phone, until realizing I don’t have it anymore at the end… The problem was, the market wasn’t even packed with people!!! 

Thieves got skillz. 

Oh well, maybe it’s time to move to Android?

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4 thoughts on “I LOST MY PHONE

  1. Jiajia and Alan, sorry for visiting your blog a bit late. Looks like you couple had covered so many cities in China and had so many stories and so much fun!
    Please take good care of yourselves and I really hope that I can meet you both somewhere on earth sooner!

  2. Heroko Yihe Zhao

    Iphone 5 is coming up, hopefuly
    thiefs in lasa is very skillful(on the news all the time), be very careful.

  3. Hua Liu

    Did you lose it or someone stole it?

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