The Washroom Stories of Henan Village

I’ve seen a lot of people comment on our washroom adventures throughout our trip, and we’ve got some more to share.

Please take note that this is an extremely small village in a very remote area of the country, so don’t assume this is the norm!

Update: I was told that, people actually do wipe but they use whatever is within reaching distance of their squatting position…. leaves, dirt, grass….
And a new picture was added

  1. Toilets are for suckers. No self respecting man would bother with a toilet. Just find an empty space on the field and let it go. That rule applies to both big AND small business.

  2. Kids can go anywhere. We all know that, kids these days get what they ask for. And if they hae to pee? Well, just drop those pants and pee on the empty part of the sidewalk/road/stadium. It’ll dry real quick in the high altitude sun.

  3. Nobody wipes (Male Version). Seeing people do their business in the field, we observed that they did not bother with the (what I thought to be) standard practice of… wiping their ass. They’d squat down for a long period of time, then just stand up and put their pants on. I don’t know how that works, but my conclusion is they must have superior ‘pinching’ skills, or really gross underwear….

  4. Nobody wipes (Female Version). Despite reading about people using the toilet all around the field, there was actually a washroom in the grounds. The washroom was barebones and didn’t have any walls so everybody can see everybody else do their business. As is the norm in this region of China, you have to bring your own toilet paper to the washroom. So after peeing in the trough next to 3 other woman, I completed by business by wiping it clean. The second I busted out the toilet paper, I felt 3 heads turning my way and staring at me. Not only that, people about to leave the toilet actually walked back inside to pay special attention to what I was doing. I really don’t know how things work down there for people, but I suspect urinary tract infection is pretty common amongst females of this village….and I don’t know what kind of infection the dudes would get.

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6 thoughts on “The Washroom Stories of Henan Village

  1. O.M.G… do you….not wipe?? I can’t comprehend!!!!

  2. Boon Thye Ho

    i like this article the best!!!

  3. Boon Thye Ho

    second thought… so there is human made “mine” everywhere… you will step into something and then you will just shout “SHIT”, but this time, you really meant what you shout!.
    in chinese saying, one wrong step you will have thousand years of hatred and regret

  4. Heroko Yihe Zhao

    Use dirty to clean ass…..How does it work?
    I guess it could be a story for them to “blog” when they go back to their village, today, i saw a girl use paper to wipe her ass……

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