Day 42: Lanzhou (兰州) – July 29

After a simple breakfast in the courtyard, we hopped on a speedboat to a dinosaur excavation site, home to the one and only, LANZHOUSAURUS. It sounds made up but it’s not! It is a recently discovered species found close to Lanzhou, hence the name.

We headed back into the city and did some regular people stuff like: pick peaches the size of a grapefruit, eat hotpot, and get a haircut. Before arriving in Gansu, my impression was also that of Dunhuang, the patch of green surrounded by the Gobi desert. In reality, there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and due to the climate these fruits and vegetables beat Canadian fruits by a LONG mile. It’s not even close…. the fruits are soooo good! Even the potatoes here are better because they have less rain, so somehow it tastes more ‘solid’.

We wrapped up the city view with a visit to the night market, and tasted a lot of foods not really found anywhere else. Lanzhou is pretty cool! And thanks to our hosts in Lanzhou who treated me better than my mother would have!!!

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