Day 41: Lanzhou (兰州) – July 28

 Waking up without a hangover, we watched a bit of the replay of the Olympic opening ceremony, which was pretty darn cool. I didn’t really know what London could use as their theme, but the industrial revolution seems extremely apt, considering that’s pretty much where the source of modern society is born out of.

In the afternoon, we took a 4.5hr ferry along the Yangtze to another cave complex with 1600 year old buddhist sculptures carved out of rock…. amazing! The ferry was pretty long, but we came prepared with cards, fruits and lots of snacks to snack on! Once we arrived at the destination of BingLing Temple (炳灵)The surrounding scenery was also extremely impressive, with impressive high-rise rocks surrounding the whole valley. Really cool scenery!


Taking the same ferry (downstream this time, so only took 3.5hrs) back to the docks, we had dinner and drank same baijiu made with a wheat product (青稞) only produced in high-altitude areas.

No TV in our hostel tonight, so we sleep early and see some more of the surroundings tomorrow!

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