United Airlines = Fail

Back home, I read an ad saying Air Canada was voted North America’s best airline, which brought up the question, are the rest really that bad?

To save a few bucks, we had to take an early morning stop-over in San Fran before arriving in Shanghai on United Airlines. I’d have to say, AC has a new standard it can measure against. Flying WestJet from YYZ -> YVR, we were amazed at the service they always advertise. It’s True!!!

Unfortunately for United, they have a lot of work to do. It started with the luggage check-in, uncoordinated would be a good way to describe it. Printers would print random boarding passes from 5 rows over, people running around, unhelpful workers not helping anyone. AND we had to lug our luggage and line up for 10mins to put it onto the conveyer belt. Like, really? Come on!

Inside the cabin the seats were rather cramped, and although it is an international flight, there was no personal TV so I was stuck watching John Carter for 3hours. The cabin crew was not just unhelpful, they were pretty rude. And the food? AC has better food!!! UN-BELIEVABLE!!!


Spare for actually getting there safely, and not losing our luggage, United manage to make flying a horrible experience.

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