Day 3: Victoria + UBC

Victoria can’t be beat for a nice, quaint town with great food and creature comforts (Breakfast places + David’s Tea + Pacific Ocean = pretty sweet). The whole city had a charming, relaxing feel to the city. It also helped that we probably got the most amazing weather ever in Victoria. Strolling around town, we visited the oldest Chinatown in Canada, capital hill, and MEC.


At first I wondered, how can a city of 80-thousand have the same number of MECs as Toronto ( the answer is 1). After getting here, it’s not hard to understand why everyone loves the outdoors when the surrounding habitat is just ripe for athletics…..
Pacific ocean? Check.
Rocky mountains? Check.
What else do you need!!! …. how about a University built inbetween a provincial park, sandwiched by those two things! Throw in a “clothing optional” beach, and you’ve got….
U B C….. acrynom for I am jealous. My university never had a pretty campus, but now I’m just upset. Nobody told me campuses like this exist?!??!?!?

Did I not come here to study?

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5 thoughts on “Day 3: Victoria + UBC

  1. Thanks for sharing the pics! I miss Vancouver and the mountain backdrop…

  2. Grrr this is my 3rd time trying to leave a comment! Hopefully this sticks lol. Anyway I was saying thanks for sharing the photos and that you are making me miss Vancouver!!!!

  3. Queenie

    u didnt study at UBC because u need to meet true friends like us =P

  4. Heroko Yihe Zhao

    oh No, Now I have to add Van and Victoria to my list

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