Day 117: Kunming (昆明) – October 12th

Time to pack up and head to Kunming. Our arbitrary streak of staying 2-days in any Yunnan city has gone very well, but we need to get to Kunming as our flight to Nepal departs from there.

Before leaving we wanted to grab lunch at the HK restaurant, but on our way we saw the owner walking her dog and telling us they don’t open for another hour….so we looked to the next best thing…. the dessert place. Haha, to our surprise the dessert place was open at 10:30am! And once again, this place reinforced our idea of serving possibly the best desserts we’ve had. Yummmmm. Then we had a bowl of noodles before hopping on the bus out, what a great breakfast =P

So for the rest of the day, we sat on a bus from noon til 730 and arrived in Kunming. Checking into our hostel, we headed to dinner with a family friend.

Back at the hostel, I was furiously pumping our posts for our blog so we can wrap it all up before leaving China. Problem was, like the night before in Shuanglang, I was dogged by some darned mosquitoes. Last night, I was bite on the nose. Today, I was bite on the lower lip! Seriously, these are some weird places for mosquito bites… w t f.

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